A Remarkable Day

April 16 – Thursday

After 4 months of slacking in my research journey, I picked myself up and flew to meet my supervisor, again. Looking at the documents I have in hands, I realised the points and ideas were rather scattered, perhaps close to nowhere to even start writing a chapter. When this worry almost took over me, a wonderful email came in.

Wonderful News

For the first time, I understand the joy of getting a writing published. Not only this paper derived from my research interest, most importantly it adds another milestone in my career as an academician. After an hour of flight with an overwhelming happiness I finally reached the doorstep of supervisor’s office; feeling excited and determined to expedite the progress of my research.

The 5-hours discussion has brought me to another fruitful discovery. Despite many things were streamlined and refined, the highlight of this meet-up was the introduction to the idea of cultural probes as a “new friend’ to my research methodology.

Heading home with this “new friend”, I was pumped with motivations and great plans running through my head that I couldn’t wait to start penning it down.

Note to self: Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings.