A Menu of Labeling Format in Malaysia

Over 25 years ago, Ministry of Health (MOH) enacted the Food Act 1983, followed by Food Regulations 1985 with the main objective of protecting the public against health hazards in food and fraud in preparation, sale and use. Then, nutrition claims were introduced and permitted by MOH in 2003.

Numerous amendments have also been made to these regulations in requests of the food industry and consumer needs over the years. It was first published in 2005 and updated in 2007. The primary objective of nutrition labeling and claims still remain as a tool to assist the consumers in making better food choices when planning their daily meals.

Despite the good function and objectives of nutrition labeling, its format is often listed in a long written form or shared in a discussion report, which is less memorable to a commoner like me. After doing a thorough study, I have decided to present these with information design. It is hope that with this initiative, it will enhance one’s understanding and learning of nutritional labeling format in Malaysia.