Counting the Blessings

Today, I do a self-check of the to-do-list for year 2014. Deep down inside I have lost count of the challenges I faced in a daily routine. Some are crucial ones while some are just forgettable. All I do in order to move forward is I often hypnotize my brain with one thing,

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

And today, I’m counting these blessings 2 months before 2015 hits in. Besides the blissful feelings circulating my heart now, the abundance of satisfaction wrapped my mind with many positive thoughts.


I look up highly to my persistence and truly appreciate “you’, the one who has witnessed every bit of what’s happening in my daily life. You are not just the critic of the bad decisions I had made but always a standby supporter in case I fall. While my aim continuously grows bigger and further, you grow along and complement me in those changes. When I count my blessings for this year, I count you twice.

You are, more than the best to me!