Tesco is one of the largest British food retailers in Malaysia and they operate Tesco hypermarket and Tesco extra stores that cater for the mass market. Besides carrying locally sourced products, widest selection of price competitive products imported from UK can also be found in their stores.

Their core business is to target the mass market with its competitively priced products; hence you can find 3 different ranges of home brand products namely:

  • Tesco Value – selling basic needs at cheapest price because they spend less on advertising and cost-effective packaging to ensure more savings for customers.
  • Tesco Choice – made to match the market as a leading brand quality at lower prices. They focus on brands quality, taste and performance. Hence you can find Tesco Choice often displayed next to other leading brands. this is to help customers to compare their products with others and knowing that Tesco is helping them to save more without compromising on the quality.
  • Tesco Light Choice – focus on healthier living with lower fats and other undesirable contents without compromising on the quality and taste. It is tailored for the health-conscious customers, those who are undergoing diet plans or are careful with their nutrition intake due to medical reason.


Set aside shopping in their store, Tesco introduced Grocery Home Shopping (GHS) in a few Klang Valley stores to accommodate online orders. This service allows customers to select products on the screen and help monitor their total expenses as they shop. Customers get to choose the delivery time according to their convenience with a service charge at RM10 only. This approach has enlightened the shopping habits of many working adults to easily juggle with their busy schedule.



Nutritional Label Design

As they are looking at the living expenses of daily lives by introducing the cost cut and striving to be the low cost leader in the market, Tesco has also put in extra effort on their nutritional label design. Verbal banding, colour coded GDA and integrated labeling format are applied across all of their homegrown products. This approach has made their products somehow more health conscious and helps customers to easily compare their purchase with other products.



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