Mydin started as a small shop selling toys and general merchandise. In 1979 they made their first presence in Kuala Lumpur as a wholesale and retail shop. Since then they have emerged as one of the top players in Malaysia’s competitive hypermarket industry and still keeping their core business role – wholesale and retail. Set aside hypermarket, they also have a few categories of business that comprises of emporiums, mini marts, and convenient shops namely MyMart, Mydin Mart and bazaar.

They emphasize on low pricing strategies and economically priced goods with a clear motto “Why pay more, buy at wholesale price.” Many advertising boards are displayed around the walkways reminding their customers the objective of buying at their stores. In order to maintain their products that can be bought in bulk with lower price, they work closely with their suppliers or vendors on a win-win situation to source its products directly from manufacturers and through bulk purchase. This act has helped them to maintain the low pricing strategies with varieties of local produced products.

Mydin strongly embraces Halal concept that stresses on honesty, sincerity and with good price. This is the only hypermarket store that dominates over the Muslim market, which comprises of 60% of Malaysia population. Tabung Infak (donation box) can also be seen outside of their pay counter. This initiative is to enlighten those who are in need of help in terms of food. On top of that, they are actively participating in the Buy Malaysian Campaign. They do not have their homegrown products but mainly the local products that are packed in large portion and quantity.




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