KR1M – A joint effort of Malaysian Government & Mydin as CSR programme

In recent years, Mydin worked very closely with Malaysian government’s transformation programme on a social responsibility basis to give back to the society, which is to emphasize on the citizen through the official slogan “Rakyat Didahulukan”. This initiative has helped formed a national brand of “1 Malaysia.”

This programme is formed not just for the sake of unity of various races, but also to provide basic fast moving consumer products that are necessities at affordable prices. The main objective is to ease the burdens of the lower income earners in the urban areas and also to help Malaysian entrepreneurs who want to embark on opening a retail business.

KR1M is a joint effort between the Malaysian government and Mydin to help and enhance the overall revenue of small medium enterprises that sell products through this national brand. The branding concept of this national brand is almost similar to hypermarket brand extension. Their products are highly controlled by a particular retailer and can only be seen in 1 Malaysia store. However you can still find one or two 1 Malaysia products in Mydin hypermarket.

With a clear objective to help ease the burden of urban lower income earners, an obvious low cost packaging can be seen on 1 Malaysia products. Besides the logo of 1 Malaysia that applied across all their products, the packaging labels are mostly in white. This approach has helped made their products sellable at 30 to 50 percent lower price than other well-known manufacturing brands. There is also almost no effort paid to advertising in order to avoid extra cost.

Nutritional Label Design

The similar nutritional design format – monotone table is used on all their products. Minimal information can be found on their nutritional labels; mainly the energy, fats, sugar, carbohydrate and protein are stated. Despite this minimal approach, all of their products have 2 main endorsements, namely the Buatan Malaysia (products of Malaysia) and the Halal logo.



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