Giant & Cold Storage

The Teng family in Kuala Lumpur founds Giant, a Malaysian brand owned by Giant Capital Holdings (GCH). Giant is the largest hypermarket chain in Malaysia who also merged with Cold Storage in 2013. They have a slight difference in term of the target market. Giant is mostly targeting middle or lower income group whereby Cold Storage is targeting middle to higher income group. Hence a different range of their homegrown products can be found in each store.

Despite the fact that they are known as a homegrown trusted brand, both Giant and Cold Storage are well known to local shoppers as the stores that offer the best value-for-money products. While Giant offers a range of value-for-money home brands (cheap products with lower price); Cold Storage focuses more on food lifestyle rather than supplying necessities. Hence the home brands by Cold Storage such as First Choice (premium quality with higher price) are meant for customers who prefer premium goods. Having said that, First Choice products can still be seen in Giant hypermarket but not vice versa.

Home brand – Giant

Green as their corporate identity, it is applied across all homegrown products packaging. Similar to Aeon Big, they paste a simple printed ad with Giant logo on the shelves under their home brand for easy recognition and also to inform the price cut on selected products. However, they practice a constant reminder statement “Tukar & Jimat Lebih” (change and save more) on each shelf. A minor usage of wobbler sticking on the shelves stating “Hanya di Giant” (Exclusive to Giant) can also been seen on a couple of products.


Cold Storage Home brand – First Choice

On the other hand, wobbler strategy cannot be seen in Cold Storage store neither do they have a specific statement reminding the customers of their home brands. However they have a wide range of dairy products offer in store with the First Choice logo on the front packaging. The design of their labels is rather clean and consistent with only 2-selected range of colours – orange and blue.


Nutritional Label Design – Giant & First Choice

Similar to Aeon Big, Giant and Cold Storage applied monotone table format as the nutritional label design at the back of the package. There is no extra information appear at the front package to better inform the customers. However, the nutritional information provides a longer list compare to other homegrown products.



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