“Everything Under the Same Roof” Concept

The retail market has shifted from the stand-alone department store or supermarket to department store-cum-supermarket operators that we now called the hypermarket.

Hypermarket means “everything under the same roof”, which combines supermarket and department stores with respect to the side floor space for the broadest category or products linked to discount price policy or self-service. Networking techniques on sales promotion methods, effective merchandising and large parking space are also offered to customers.

Despite Malaysians are mostly the middle-income earners and eating-out is a common phenomenon; Malaysian spent an extensive 37% amount of their money in hypermarkets, convenience stores and personal care stores. Most of the hypermarkets have their homegrown brands and are working closely with SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) to place their products on the hypermarkets shelves. They packaged these products using homegrown logo and labels using a similar price value message and objectives to attract their potential consumers.

In the early phase, the momentum of homegrown brands by hypermarkets was not fully accepted by Malaysians although the product prices are more competitive than other well-known products. This is due to the perception of the low quality of products sold in a hypermarket. Due to the rising of cost living, consumers are now giving more attention to paying appropriate prices rather than going for the best brands all the time. This has made the hypermarket became a dominant format in the city as 45% to 60% of household customers selected hypermarkets as their main outlets.



I have shortlisted a few hypermarkets in Malaysia, looking closely at their background, home brand products, some minor advertising display and nutritional label design. These hypermarkets are also the highly visited places for grocery shopping within Malaysia. I will also be touching on the existing nutritional label design in Malaysian hypermarkets in my research.

  1. Carrefour to Aeon Big
  2. Giant & Cold Storage
  3. Tesco
  4. Mydin
  5. KR1M (Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia)

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