Carrefour to Aeon Big

Carrefour started in 1994 as the pioneer developer of hypermarket concept in Malaysia. Due to its mother company from French, this hypermarket carried a wide variety of local products as well as imported products especially from Europe. Carrefour had two homegrown product ranges – Carrefour Big Value and Carrefour Quality Line. Each range was catering different quality of products with value prices to customers to meet their spending capabilities.

In 2012, Carrefour was taken over by Aeon Big as their strategy to relocate it resources to other mature and emerging market. Since then, Carrefour has been renamed to Aeon Big, which holds the root meaning of “eternity” in Latin but originated from Japan.

They do not only offer great value products but also offer a one-stop shopping concept such as self-service, customer convenience facilities, free parking and low price on a wide range of fresh food products and non-food categories. One thing Aeon Big emphasizes on is they offer 100% refund policy that protects the customers’ right and against defective goods.

Set aside the hypermarket, Aeon Big also operates Jusco stores, which has the largest high-end department store chain nationwide in Malaysia. They carry the widest selection of products from Japan and the products are mainly targeting at middle to high-income shoppers.

Aeon Big Home brand – Top Valu

 You won’t miss their homegrown brand – Top Valu around the store. They paste a simple printed ad in either red or orange on the shelves under their home brand for easy recognition. Other than that, they also keep the initial Carrefour home brand – Big Value only with a change of corporate colour to Aeon Big’s orange. On top of that, they often use wobblers to inform customers about price cut for selected products or products which are imported. All in all, by walking around their hypermarket, you can easily identify the differences of products with high awareness of the price you pay for.


Nutritional Label Design

As for their nutritional label design of their homegrown products, it doesn’t offer much differentiation compare to the old Carrefour products. A monotone nutritional table is applied at the back of all products. One or two Top Valu products have an extra nutritional display in front of the packaging, with simple elements such as a tick (contains), dash (does not contain) and triangle (may contain) to remind customers during their purchase. However, halal logo is applied consistently across products.




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