“Stop Thinking, Start Doing (Writing)”

Being an educator in design for more than 6 years now, I often encourage my students to jot down the things they see and encounter in any interesting form. This may be just a conventional method but I find it very useful to generate ideas and be more aware of the surroundings. When you do your observation and pen it down, it works extremely well with your memory and analyzation. I won’t deny that most designers are taught to be observant and express themselves freely through visuals. Even words can’t express one’s thoughts as easily as visuals.

To be honest, writing is a big challenge for me. I tend to be too long-winded to over explaining points. Subconsciously I tend to feel that words are just too limited to describe my ideas. Hence usually I fall back into my comfort zone with visuals. It is when I first met my supervisor to discuss my research in PhD, she gave me a task – to pen down the learning journey, so that the progress and thoughts are well documented for easy reference. At the beginning, I was a little taken aback thinking what should I write; what can I write; how should I write…etc.

After weeks of dilemma, I decided to step up and practise this saying in my mind:

“Stop thinking, start doing (writing).”

I started by answering my own question – how do I want to achieve a PhD title, ultimately? Then I questioned deeper –  what relationships I have with my life now; what do I need from them; why they will help me to reach my goal?


Relationship Focus in Life

When the answers were broken down into simple infographic, I felt so relieved to see the inter-relation between my want (study); my commitment (work) and my current passion (yoga). They are contributing to my ultimate goal slowly, with constant practice and be mindful.

I’m extremely excited about the challenges in research that I will have to take on, but most of all, I hope to take you with me on the exciting journey of my PhD study!





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